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Saithan Movie Review








Direction: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy
Producer: Fathima Vijay Antony
Written: Sujatha Rangarajan,Pradeep Krishnamoorthy,Joe D Cruz,Karthik Krishna
Starring: Vijay Antony,Arundathi Nair
Music by: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Pradeep Kalipurayath
Editor: Veera Senthil Raj
Production Company: Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Vijay Antony, who works at a software company, and married to Arundhati Nair.

While happily married, Vijay Antony just a voice to be heard more often. The voice prompts him to commit suicide.

The impact of voice trying to commit suicide several times, Vijay Antony. Every time his friends are rescued by him.
In this case, while traveling in a car with his friend Murugadoss, Vijay Antony’s suicide triggers the voice again.

Vijay Antony made accident suddenly. Murugathas friend die in the crash, but Vijay Antony survived.

Vijay Antony asks about the voice which hears, to his office superior Y.G.Mahendran…

The story continues with this thrilling startover, The biggest strength of the film’s background music by Vijay Antony.

The first ten minutes of the movie scene in which the background music was fantastic. When you see it throughout the film it makes still a grand scale

The name `Jayalakshmi` specialized in a different manner on the screen. For each scene looking to keep the lights required at respective. Collaboration of camera works makes
grand opening for Saithan movie.

(Saithan is Year End Thriller @ 2016)


Review by :Ravi

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